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New Quizzes' Item Analysis update

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You’ve likely seen my recent post about the work my team has been developing the New Quizzes API and integrating the Rich Content Editor (RCE) to New Quizzes in the last couple of months. In addition I’ve had some time to dig into Item Analysis.  

Based on conversations with users, I understand that you need faster access to Item Analysis and to be able to download the report through CSV. I’ve also discovered that we could provide a more useful and intuitive interface with additional features to help you or your faculty to get an overview of the quiz and items performance. 

I’ve met a handful of customers to get great insights and based on that feedback we’ve created designs for an improved interface. I’m thrilled with what we came up with, and I hope you’ll like them too! In Q4, we will continue the discovery work around Item Analysis and vet the designs with users in order to understand where we've hit the mark and where we could use some additional fine tuning.