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New Quizzes looking forward; 2021

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As we’re all getting ready to firmly shut the door on 2020, we have a prime opportunity to look forward to all of the changes 2021 will bring. 

One of these changes you may have already noticed—me. Hi! I’m Susan Sorensen, a product manager new to Instructure who will be working on Quizzes. My career has been supporting faculty and administrators. For the past seven of those years, I’ve led product decisions and worked hand in hand with users to make sure that we’re delivering successful outcomes.

One of the most critical steps in my onboarding process here is simply to understand you and your users. If you haven’t already joined our New Quizzes User Group in the Canvas Community, please join me there. 

As previously mentioned in the user group, due to the educational changes from Covid-19, the July 2021 enforcement date for New Quizzes has been updated to summer {July for most, December for APAC} 2022

We’re in a discovery process to understand the current landscape.  In the past year, your needs have changed, and as those needs evolve, we are excited to evolve with them. 

I’ve been getting to know the Community to better understand how New Quizzes are currently being used and how we might improve. Along the way, I’ve met some amazing admin advocates who like the features and functionality of New Quizzes. In some cases, a few limitations are preventing use in particular circumstances or require workarounds. We don’t want you to struggle under those constraints. Understanding and defining this functionality will be our immediate concern. We have a goal of helping everyone become successful with New Quizzes in demonstrating student understanding of learning materials.

By the start of 2021, we will share the quizzes plan for 2021 and beyond, which focuses heavily on reducing barriers for using New Quizzes. We have several projects we are exploring in the New Quizzes User Group and invite you to get involved. Your feedback will help determine details and inform the future roadmap New Quizzes.


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