Sub-account Item Bank Sharing and Outcomes Alignment



The new Item Banks Sub-Account feature allows users to view and share item banks relevant to their current sub-account. This functionality makes lookup more convenient, by limiting the item banks listed to the current subaccount.

What happens to item banks when they are shared to sub-accounts? 

Item banks shared at the sub-account level are available for use by users who have access to that sub-account and any sub-accounts under that sub-account in the hierarchy.  

An item bank can be shared to a sub-account like a big department, or it can be shared to a sub sub-account like a division in that department. A user’s permission to access an item bank depends on the sub-account hierarchy. If you are a higher-level admin in the sub-account tree, when an item bank is shared to any of the sub-accounts under that in the hierarchy, you would have access to it.

Subaccount Sharing ExampleSubaccount Sharing Example

In this example, Professor A has access to the Department of Medicine as a sub-account of the School, they also have access to the divisions (sub sub-accounts) included within the Department of Medicine.  If Professor B only has access to the nephrology division, they will not have access to other divisions in the department. 

Professor A has access to Item Bank A and item banks in all divisions under it in the hierarchy, Item Bank B and Item Bank C. Professor A has access because they have access to the entire department that contains all divisions.

Professor B can only access Item Bank B which was shared with their division and cannot access Item Bank A or Item Bank C.

What happens to item banks when a course copy occurs?

When shared via sub-accounts during course copy, Item banks are auto-shared with the target course; this work was completed at the end of last year. This functionality is the same when shared via course or user.


A new permission was created “Item Banks - share with sub-accounts” that can be enabled for various roles.

This permission allows a user to manage sharing of item banks with sub-accounts.  When a user with a course role is granted this permission, the user can share item banks to sub-accounts that they are associated with.

Changes to Item Bank Filters

To better facilitate the searching of item banks shared with sub-accounts, we have updated some of the filters in the item bank search. There is a new filter called “This Account” which shows what is shared to the sub-account that you are currently using.  We have updated the names of two filters, based on feedback in the community, to provide more clarity on what they pull up.

Item Bank FiltersItem Bank Filters

 Item Bank Filter Descriptions

Item Bank Filter


Shared with Me (formerly All Banks)

The filter shows all banks the user has created as well as all shared to the user, both directly and through shared via course.

An account search bar will now appear to narrow down results by sub-account.

Note: The default view for 'Shared with Me' does not include banks shared via sub-account. Users can specify an account in the new account search bar to see banks shared with a specific sub-account

Institution Banks

This filter shows item banks shared across an account or institution. An account search bar will now appear to narrow down results by sub-account.

This Account (New)

This filter appears when you are viewing item banks from within a sub-account.

It shows what is shared to the sub-account that you are currently using.

Shared with Courses (formerly Banks Shared to Course)

This filter displays item banks that have been shared with any course that a user has access to.

This Course

This filter appears when you are viewing item banks from within a course.

It shows what is shared with this course that you are currently using.


We have added a new Account Search Bar which allows you to search by a sub-account name. If you are an instructor with access to a number of sub-accounts, you would be able to search by the sub-accounts that you have access to. The account search bar will only appear when viewing the Institution Banks and Shared with Me filters.

Item Bank Filter and SearchItem Bank Filter and Search Account Search BarAccount Search Bar

Item Bank Sharing Modal

The item bank sharing modal has also been updated with new tabs for sharing with users, courses, and accounts.  Sharing is also made more efficient where changes are applied as you go so that you no longer have to review and click done to apply changes. You can only delete a share if you have edit access.

Item Bank Sharing ModalItem Bank Sharing Modal


Outcomes Alignment

Customers who have sub-account specific item banks are now able to align outcomes to sub-account shared item bank questions. This works for course item banks and course outcomes as well.

To do this, open the item in the sub-account or course and use the Source dropdown to pick either to root account or the current sub-account or course.

Outcomes Source SearchOutcomes Source Search


In the list of aligned outcomes, we now show the source of the outcome (either root account, sub-account, or course). We also show the status of the outcome in regards to the current sub-account or course.

Outcomes IndexOutcomes Index

If you see a status of “Not in this Sub-Account” or “Not in this Course”, you can use outcomes management to find and add that outcome to the current sub-account or course (ref).