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Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A

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You may have additional questions and comments after reading the Classic Quiz Sunsetting Timeline.  This post is intended to provide some insight into the Instructure perspective, answer any outstanding questions, discuss any of your concerns and facilitation customer planning. 


Why is Instructure planning the transition now?

It’s true that New Quizzes does not do exactly what Classic Quizzes has done, just as you can say that Classic Quizzes doesn’t do everything that New Quizzes does. Now is the time to move our focus toward getting everyone aligned and dreaming of the same possibilities. Yes, there will be ongoing work. With your help in raising your needs, we will harmonize those with the current New Quizzes functionality or needed improvements. Possible improvements should not, however, prevent forward movement of all institutions to New Quizzes.

Now is the time to plan a move because already 50% of quiz volume is through New Quizzes! Even with this trend, we are still seeing support volume for New Quizzes at 5x LESS than Classic Quizzes. New Quiz and Classic Quiz bug reports have actually been fairly even over the past year.  In New Quizzes we’ve even added redundancies to support key areas such as grade passback. Sunsetting Classic Quizzes will give our developers the ability to focus entirely on New Quiz improvements.  


What happens if Instructure misses their deadlines on key features like API access, migration, LTI integrations, etc.? Will institutions just have less time to prepare? Or will the deprecation date be pushed back?

To ask for you to plan a Phase 2 transition (July 2022), we commit to development milestones of completing Public API access and Bulk Migration from Classic to New Quizzes at the close of Phase 1. In the lead-up to these milestones, you will be informed of the progress through community blog posts at a quarterly cadence as well as your Customer Success Managers. 

If these critical tools do not meet that date, we will not force a transition at the initially planned date. Instructure will provide a pathway for Classic Quizzes to seamlessly become New Quizzes and you will have 6 months to manage the change at your institution. We understand the administrative burden that change management presents to you as you support education. If this should happen, we will engage customers and reassess timelines.


What about parity? New quizzes should be completely developed before we announce the end of life of classic quizzes.

Read our blog post: Bodankers and Botanical Gardens – Why innovative products can’t be parity products


How do I know what things I use in classic quizzes will work in New Quizzes?

Read the post  New Quizzes Feature Comparison to see an Updated Classic to New Quiz at Sunset Comparison which outlines committed functionality by the time of  transition.

What are the expectations for classic quizzes behavior? (for example, is it just going to be inaccessible via the UI, but can still download and migrate Classic quizzes to New quizzes? Will we give schools bulk download/migrate options for Classic quizzes?

A Phase 1 commitment will be to support bulk migration.

In the initial Phase 2, current courses which have not concluded will be available for quiz takers to assess against. As soon as a course closes, the Classic Quiz will be view only. Throughout Phase 2 Classic Quizzes will still be viewable in the user interface. Users will still be able to download, export, or copy to a New Quiz.

In Phase 3, the user interface reaches the end of life. Users can copy Classic Quiz content to New Quizzes via course copy, but the Classic Quiz settings and questions will not be viewable from Canvas. 


For those faculty who do not teach during every term, how will they be impacted if they can't migrate their quizzes right away? Will they have to have API knowledge to do this?

Bulk Migration will be a one-time event. After that, if a copied course includes a Classic Quiz, the quiz will automatically be created as a New Quizzes using the original Classic Quiz source information from the database.  As every course is copied in the future, the Classic Quiz will automatically become a New Quiz. Therefore, the teacher only needs to find the prior course and copy.  


What will reporting look like once classic quizzes are deprecated?

There are tools available to New Quizzes with regard to reporting. One approach will be to utilize Canvas Data 2, which includes New Quizzes. Additionally, when the APIs are made publicly available, you will also be able to access data for your own local, custom reports. Outcomes and Item Analysis are available in New Quizzes and Instructure will prioritize the need to download these reports in the coming year.