The Start of a New Year

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The Mastery Connect R&D Team has a few new features that we hope will make things a little easier as you start the new year. 

Authoring assessments is even easier when you have the data you need. Now you have standard descriptions, passage metadata, and item counts. 



Printable Assessments! We heard you, and now you’re able to print most item based assessments, check out the full functionality here.

Even more tracker views allow teachers to organize assessments by units in the Tracker assessment list.




To support more districts and educators the team has completed that gives you even more access to student’s mastery data. Soon you will be able to download a standard and student level CSV report. 

It has been wonderful to hear from educators as you head back to school. We love it when you share the important work you are doing in the classroom, and how you use our tools to facilitate learning and improve outcomes for students!