How do I print an assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can print a created assessment by opening it from the Assessments page.

Note: Most item types are printable. If an assessment includes an unprintable item type, the placeholder text "This question was not included in the printed assessment as it is an unsupported question type" displays in the printed assessment.

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Select Assessment

In the Assessments page, find the assessment to download using the search bar and the filters [1]. To view more filters, click the Expand icon [2].

To open the assessment, click the Assessment Name [3].

Open Print Preview

Open Assessment View

To open the Print Preview page, click the Print icon.  


  • Assessments that contain TEIs can not be printed, and the Print icon does not display as an option.  
  • When you create an Item-Based assessment, printable items are indicated by the Print icon beside the item name.  

Open or View Printer Window

When printing a document-based assessment, the document viewer window opens. Click the Print icon.  

View Item-Based Preview

When printing an item-based assessment, the print options window opens automatically.

Review Print Preview

Review Print Preview

Scroll through the print preview to verify its content.

Some Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) are not printable. Items that are not printable are replaced in the printout with the message, "This question was not included in the printed assessment as it is an unsupported question type." The following types of items are not printable:

  • Choice Matrix
  • Classification
  • Cloze Association
  • Cloze Dropdown
  • Cloze Math Formula
  • Cloze Text
  • Image Highlight
  • Label Image Association
  • Match List
  • Order List
  • Sort List
  • Simple Shading