How do I print an assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can print assessments.  

Note: Assessments that contain Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) can not be printed.

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Assessments link [1]. Then, click the All tab [2].

Select Assessment

In the Assessments page, use the search bar and filter drop-down menus to find the assessment you want to print [1]. Then, click the assessment name link [2].

Open Print Preview

Open Assessment View

To open the Print Preview page, click the Print icon.  


  • Assessments that contain TEIs can not be printed, and the Print icon does not display as an option.  
  • When you create an Item-Based assessment, printable items are indicated by the Print icon beside the item name.  

Open Printer Window  

In the document viewer window, click the Print icon.