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Updates to New Quizzes and Blueprint Courses Syncing

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Many Canvas users rely on Blueprint Courses to provide high-quality, consistent content across courses for their institution. To better support these workflows when using New Quizzes, we are excited to announce the following updates that are now available in beta and will go live to production with our September 17th Canvas release. See our Canvas Release Notes for additional context. Updates include:

Admins and instructors added to Blueprint Courses can sync New Quiz changes to associated courses.
Previously, after the initial sync, changes to a New Quiz in a Blueprint did not sync to associated courses. Now, subsequent syncs will update changes to New Quizzes across all associated courses.

New Quiz Item Banks are now supported in Blueprint Courses.
This update allows institutions to provide consistent Item Banks across courses.

In addition to these updates, the team is working to add Blueprint functionality for locking quizzes. An update will be shared when this becomes available.