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Gathering feedback on Course content and design (unit standards) in the Vocational space.

Our organisation designs and delivers assessments and standards in conjunction with support from our national industries in the form of SMEs and the approval of our regulatory body (NZQA). There is currently a five-year review cycle for each of these Unit Standards.

Our problem is that we currently have no reliable method to gather non-critical feedback on our unit standard design over that period of time.

For critical issues/broken content users will raise a ticket, but I would like to explore ideas for gathering asynchronous feedback from learners and training support staff at the Course level in Canvas - ideally a universal button or link in the same place on each course or something, and I was wondering if anyone had solved this issue before?

The following are items we've looked at so far:
Survey Monkey
We've thought about adding a survey link to each course but run into issues collating that feedback over a five year period

Canvas Discussions
The Discussions (which is less of a discussion and more of an old school online forum) feature isn't really suitable because it can be viewed by all and sundry so stifles honest feedback, and our learners lack an appetite to use the function as from an apprentices' point of view it's complex and more work than they're prepared to undertake

Quiz Tool
I read elsewhere in the wider Canvas community that others have used a quiz for this function, however, this adds additional columns and complexity to the Gradebook for our assessors and learners.

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hi @d_stark - let's discuss this in November's User Group catchup. You can add it to the agenda here: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Vocational-Ed-Training/VET-User-Group-November-2020/ba-p/417150

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