Using Zoom with PowerPoint Lecture

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I'll bet this an easy question.

While we're doing Remote Instructions starting next Monday, I would like to use Zoom with my students (and I have registered myself for Zoom in Canvas as requested by IT).  I believe my format even with Zoom will be as useful as live interaction in the classroom.

I would like the students to enter the Zoom presentation the same days and times as normal.  I want to present them a PowerPoint presentation while I voice over each screen.  This is what I do in class and is well received.

How do I:

1.  Tell the students how to register for my classes in Zoom?

2.  Have my PowerPoint presentation get uploaded into Zoom?

3.  And then be able to speak over the connection as the PowerPoint presentation is made?

4.  And how do I move the slides forward?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.  As I said...I'll bet this is a piece of cake...But HELP...

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