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Hello  @kleinm6 ...

1.  Tell the students how to register for my classes in Zoom?

I'm not exactly sure how you have Zoom configured at your school (for example, you may have the Zoom LTI app integrated with your Canvas course), but once you schedule a Zoom meeting for you and your students, you would be given a unique Zoom URL that includes an ID number.  You would also be given a Meeting ID number (which is the same number that appears in the Zoom meeting URL).  You would give your students all that meeting information, and then they would either navigate to that URL on their computer or use the Zoom app on their mobile device to input the Meeting ID number.  That is how they would join your meeting.

2.  Have my PowerPoint presentation get uploaded into Zoom?

As the "host" of the meeting, you have tools within Zoom to share your screen.  So, prior to starting your Zoom session with your students, have your PowerPoint presentation and any other documents open in the background that you want to show during the session.  Zoom gives you the option to share your screen so that students can watch exactly what you are seeing on your screen.

3.  And then be able to speak over the connection as the PowerPoint presentation is made?

Assuming that you have a built-in webcam/microphone on your computer (let's say you are using a laptop, for example), this won't be an issue.  You'll be able to talk with your students just like you were giving a presentation in the classroom.  You can even mute your students (or ask them to mute their microphones) so that you aren't hearing any of the background sounds from where they are.

4.  And how do I move the slides forward?

See my response to your question #2.  You can advance your slides in PowerPoint ... no issues there.

I hope this information will be of help to you, Malcolm.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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