How do I hide a rubric from the students?

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I've looked through the documentation and discussions, but I'm not finding a good answer.

I created a grading rubric intended for the TA's, but it's showing up in the student view.   It nicely shows up in speed grader, which is the intent.  And, that's really cool!  But I really didn't intend to share it with the assignment.  I'm new to canvas, but I'm not finding how to set up the assignment properly (meaning, speedgrader has access to the rubric and students do not).



PS:  Our local canvas expert says you cannot hide the rubric for an assignment.  So I deleted it - after cutting and pasting the text into excel.  I get why you might want to share the graded terms.  But I don't understand how this is a hard rule.  If figuring out the steps to solving a problem is the rubric, why would I ever share that before grading the assignment? And our course has sections off-set in time, so attaching the rubric to the assignment at grading time isn't an option.  Some sections will be ready for grading while others are still in flight.  Maybe I don't understand the canvas model (entirely possible) and there's another approach to doing this?

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