Removing unused assignment groups from grade book

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I saw a couple of years ago that someone asked about how to remove unused assignment groups from the grade book because she alternates projects with each term. I saw responses that included deleting the assignment group and then someone else added that they had the same question (2020) after the issue was considered closed. So I am here asking the same again in the hope that this is something that has been "corrected". It makes the grade book cluttered and can be confusing to students to see columns that are not related to their grade. I do not want to delete the groups because they contain content that I will use next term and I want them to copy. I also have a group where publisher test banks/quizzes were imported and they show up though students do not have access to them. Is there any resolution for cleaning up those columns or is this something that needs to be suggested in another forum?

Thank you so much!

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