Where can I view file ID numbers?

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When a file or image is embedded in a page, the html contains the file ID number so the page renders correctly. Since I am skilled enough with html, it would be simple for me to replace one image with another image if I just knew the ID number of the image. But when I look in the Files section, no IDs are to be found (or at least I cannot find them). Is there any way to reveal them?

The main reason for this is that a few of my pages use divs to create a responsive structure. If I could just replace an image in RCE without breaking that structure, then I wouldn't need the code. But there seems to be no way of doing this from the menu.

My workaround has been to create a blank line in html, then embed the new image in RCE, then go back to html and copy the relevant code (and change the alt text, etc). But that is a lot of extra work just to get the file ID number.

Any help?

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