We all have different schedules and preferences when it comes to checking our emails, so why do we not have an option to select the time of the day and the day of the week in which to receive our notifications.


For example, I prefer to make my schedule in the beginning to the day before I get pulled ten different ways from my staff members. Unfortunately, when I check my emails to make my schedule I often miss my Canvas notification emails because they came in the previous night and by the next morning my inbox is so full that I can't find them. If I could tell Canvas to send me my Daily notifications at a specific time then I could have the emails at the top of inbox, thus finding them quickly.


The same principle goes for the Weekly. If I would only get notification once a week I don't want my them to come to me on Saturday but rather on a work day.


It comes down to making the notifications dynamic enough to work for the dynamic clientele that is Education.



Comments from Instructure

We don't plan on allowing users to set custom notification schedules because we don't have any way of guaranteeing we can stick to those schedules. (If 10,000 people schedule their notifications to arrive at 8am in the same time zone, we don't have any ability to send potentially hundreds of thousands of emails at the same time, even with our relatively robust notifications infrastructure.)


If a single institution (as the voting records appear to indicate) is wanting this real, super-duper, extra, extra bad, our Professional Services team is always happy to talk about custom features.

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