I want a real "copy" & Disassociate feature.  What I mean is I want to have a copy process where I can make a copy of a page, assignment, or quiz and make sure the copy is completely and irrevocably disassociated from the original source.  The reason I want to do this is I want to have a set of Page, Assignment, Quiz templates, that I use as starting point to create new content... and I want to be able to copy this original source template many times and not have the first copy be associated with the source... because if I think to make a second copy, I'm actually overwriting the first copy... not what I want. 

I kinda understand the current copy behavior and do like it as a source management feature, so I can update my source and then copy it to where ever I'm using it and it updates all the copies when I import or copy.... but that is not what I want in this case...

Here is what I want:

1) Keep the current "Copy to" / import functionality

  • I would suggest that when you copy to the same class, that you still name it "copy"  so if I copy "coolPageTemplate" the copy is "coolPageTemplate-copy" , because right now if I make a copy, it's really hard to tell which is the original and which is the copy... and If I'm coping to the same class, then I'm probably going to edit and rename it any way...
  • When I export or import, you could keep the same overwrite with not name change

2) Add a "copy&disassociate " option in right hand side ... have the "Copy to" and under it have a "Copy&Disassociate" that works the same way, but makes a real copy... so if I copy to the same class I have "coolPageTemplate" and then "coolPageTemplate-disassociated-copy" 


See my current pain here How do I really "Copy" a quiz? 

-- Jim

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