Unpublish with one click

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I've run into this problem where when I click the green check to unpublish an item, it wants to confirm what I want to do. 


This dramatically increases the amount of time to unpublish items within a module. For some items it just lets me click it to unpublish, but for imported content it makes me click through this extra pop up for everything. How can I bypass this and speed up my life?

Other notes on this issue:

  • I know can unpublish the entire module, but I want SOME of them to be published and unpublishing the module would keep them from seeing anything within. Doesn't solve the problem.
  • As soon as I publish the module it automatically publishes everything within. Entirely not what I want to happen ever. And then I have to go through the tedious process of unpublishing some things but not others again.



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