Folders...How do you organize your mess?

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Sorry but this may be more of a vent!  

Our district finally made the decision to purchase an LMS.  We had several meetings to decide which would be best for the district.  Many teachers used Blackboard and begged for them to just purchase that.  However they thought that Canvas was the "new cool kid" and "cute".  Here we are using this product district wide and I just cannot believe the lack of basic features.

I teach Computer Information Systems and I have hundreds of assignments/labs/resources.  In Blackboard we could simply organize our course with folders/sub-folders.  I would of never thought this would be missing from Canvas.  My course is a mile long and terrible to navigate, simply because its vertical. There is no where else to put anything?

I see that this was mentioned back in 2016 and has yet to be implemented.  I am surprised that a company like this can't implement basic functionality such as folders or sub-modules to improve course organization.

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