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Dedicated Grades API

Hello all!


I am somewhat new to the Canvas APIs and am working to get a little additional information from the grades via the enrollment API.

I am aware of the API to get a users final/current grades via (https://{domain}/api/v1/courses/{courseID}/users/{userID}?include[]=enrollments), but this does not give me all the information that I need, such as when the grades were submitted, or who posted them (if there are multiple instructors in a course.)

I notice that there is a html url within the enrollments API that does not seem to be accessible via the API: (https://{domain}/api/v1/courses/{courseID}/grades/{userID}) Is there something similar to this through the APIs or is this potentially something that can be accessed through the API?


Thank you,

Cody Zehner

Kent State Educational Technology Support

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Users who also had this question