Canvas Studio quiz option not present

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I am interested in trying out a Canvas Studio Quiz and have watched several tutorials about how to do so. Unfortunately, it appears that when I click on the three dots found on the thumbnail card in Canvas Studio, my only two options given for ANY of my uploads are "Replace Thumbnail" or "Delete Media." I have recorded my own videos in Canvas Studio and I have uploaded Youtube videos, however none of these different types of uploads have the "Create Quiz" option available in the small pop-up menu that displays when you click the three dots. 

Is there some kind of update that I need to do on my Canvas page or a permission I need to request in order to get the "Create Quiz" option to populate into my pop-up menu? I have checked "Studio Settings" and there is literally nothing there I am allowed to see or select on that page. Any help or feedback would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

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