Using a standard rubric across all courses when the point values of assignments differ

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We would like to use the same rubric for written assignments across all courses. We did this in our previous LMS, Populi.

We have defined this rubric to have 100 points. These 100 points are allocated proportionally toward 5 criteria, as follows: 50, 25, 15, 10.

However, some of the assignments to which we would like to apply this rubric are worth less than 100 points. For example, one is worth 20 points total. When we try to apply the rubric to be used in grading, Canvas says that this will "result in a maximum possible score of 500% for student submissions graded with this rubric".

But, if we click the "Change" button on that dialogue, instead of scaling down the rubric points to match the assignment points, it changes the assignment points to match the rubric points. The assignment becomes worth 100 points instead of 20.

This is a significant problem because it means the assignment has a much higher weight in the course than it previously did.

We can't resolve this simply by using assignment groups with different weights, because some of these assignments have different point values but fall in the same category.

It is possible to edit the rubric after it is added so that everything is scaled proportionally to the assignment's point values but:

1) This is tedious and could potentially create errors.
2) This means that a new rubric is created based on the old rubric. We would prefer to have a few rubrics that are consistent across all courses.

Is it possible to have rubrics that scale based on the point values of the assignments to which they are added?

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