Carry values from one formula question to another.

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This may sound elaborate, but it would dramatically improve the usefulness of formula questions within canvas quizzes, especially for higher level courses such as AP.

Problem: Many questions have a prompt that includes several given values (initial speed, mass, volume, temperatures, etc) and then students complete several tasks involving those values, some of which are computations. Additionally, when students arrive at an incorrect value, but then correctly use that value later, it is often counted for full points in that later portion.

Proposed Solution: Define global (quiz-wide) variables, with their ranges, outside of the formula question itself so that these values can be used across the entire assessment. Additionally, assign a global variable (Q1 for question one for example), that will allow the answer entered by the student to be referenced by later calculated answers. The formula question would include the prompt, and formula as current and also the answer tolerance, but would lack the "generate" button. 

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