Attendance module in canvas - message for absences

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I am currently exploring the Attendance Module in Canvas LMS and its capabilities for sending automatic messages to students who are marked as absent. Is there any way to setup multiple registers for different lessons on the same day? I have a few other questions:

  1. Configuring Absence Notifications: How can I set up automatic notifications to be sent to students when they are marked as absent in the Attendance Module? Are there specific settings or configurations I need to be aware of?

  2. Customizing Absence Messages: Is it possible to customize the messages that are sent to absent students? For example, can we include specific instructions or resources to help them catch up on missed class content?

  3. Frequency of Notifications: Can I control how often these absence notifications are sent? For instance, can I choose to send them daily, weekly, or at a different interval?

  4. Integration with Communication Tools: Does the Attendance Module in Canvas LMS integrate with other communication tools within the platform, such as Announcements or Inbox, to ensure students receive these notifications promptly?

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