Where do I submit Canvas DAP Client bug reports? (or pull requests)

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The Issue:

The Instructure DAP Client relies on open source software called json-strong-typing. This software was updated one month ago (git blame link) that causes an unavoidable breakage in the instructure dap client. The software update was made by an instructure developer (Levente Hunyadi Github Profile)

Questions for Instructure:

Currently, the DAP Client source code is not publicly available, or if it is a link is not provided in the documentation.

  1. Is there a preferred way to submit bug reports for this project?
  2. Can the github repository be made public?
  3. Regardless of whether or not the repository can be made public, can the requirements.txt be published?

Error Solution

If you are using the DAP Client and you're receiving the error message TypeError: missing context for evaluating type: ForwardRef('JsonType')

For those who have installed the Instructure DAP Client on/after Dec 4, 2023, you will need to install the previously released version of json-strong-typing


pip install json-strong-typing==0.2.9









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