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what's going to happen to deprecated jQueryUI?

Discussion created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 29, 2017
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I'm reposting questions from another page here, hoping to carry on the discussion as a discussion (instead of a question that is not an easy one to answer). So, start here if you are not familiar with the problem:

Deprecated use of magic jQueryUI widget 

Thanks to Jillian Nickerson (she / her)for the info in the other discussion, and to Adam Williams for suggesting a separate discussion based on what we learned there:


Basically, I've got four separate but inter-related questions about Canvas support for jQueryUI (as used for tabs, accordions, other display effects):


1. When will Canvas no longer support the deprecated jQueryUI options?

2. Is someone going to go through the Community space alerting people not to the end of Canvas support for these jQueryUI options? I've seen jQueryUI mentioned and highly recommended by multiple users in multiple places; that was what finally persuaded me to give it a try last weekend.

3. What exactly would be required for jQueryUI to be supported by local Canvas administrators? Will Canvas prepare documentation so that it will be easy for local administrators to provide that support if they agree?

4. Is there some kind of way for individual faculty to run a report that would identity deprecated jQueryUI instances in their course spaces and/or for system administrators to do so across their system?

I was excited by the results I had experimenting with jQueryUI over the weekend (my experiment here), but I'm definitely going to hold off on using these features in the current uncertainty. My concern is more for people who are heavily invested in this design feature whose Pages are going to become very unattractive and perhaps even unusable when support for the jQueryUI comes to an end.