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Canvas Live API /doc/api/live, what else have you forgotten to share with us?

Question asked by Glen Parker on May 13, 2015
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Hi Canvas,


How is it that this wonderful tool has apparently existed for years and no one at Canvas told us about it. It was discovered recently by Amber Howard while reviewing InstructureCon 2012!!! recordings.   3 years you've been holding out on us. 


Append this to your Canvas host URL /doc/api/live



It shows you all the available API endpoints currently available.   But that's not all.   Expand any API, and you can plug in parameters and run the APi call live.   View the JSON right there in your browser.   Tweak the parameters until you get the call just right.


All you need is an API Access Token, which you probably already have.  If not, How do I obtain an API access token for an account?


Instructure!   How many other wonderful tools have you forgotten to share with us?


Thanks for all you do