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How do you work with faculty to improve their courses?

Question asked by Jill Bond on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by Liz du Plessis

Hi, Fellow IDs:


I work with a lot of faculty at the program and course level in a higher ed institution.


At the course level, I prefer to collaborate with faculty, overcome barriers, agree upon a course design, do the bulk of the LMS work for them, then have faculty review and approve the final product. Of course, there is little budget for that and I mostly have to train faculty to do the work themselves and guide them as they go, adding an extra burden upon them (they have the content expertise and limited time, definitely need to learn more about pedagogy and now need to learn about course design and technology -- not a winning recipe for faculty or their students long-term).


What is your situation? I have not found any articles out there that address the process of ID-faculty collaborative work process in relation to developing and revising courses in an LMS? Can you recommend any resources?


Thanks. Jill