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Use the Content Migration API to copy courses but without their calendar events (or remove them after)

Question asked by Lawrence Challen on Feb 19, 2018
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My end goal is to make a script that copies over courses without calendar events.


I have edited a script I found to use the content_migration api call to copy a canvas course from an old one to a new one. I have also explored using the course_copy api call to copy the course without calendar events but I can see it's been retired for a reason - other settings are not coming through and you are left with the default module view.


My long winded solution is to somehow use the content_migration and then check the course for calendar events without dates and remove them... Seems like a really long workaround and, as a total novice, I'm not even sure how to get a list of calendar events by course.


I saw an old feature request asking for a solution here but nothing else helpful. 


Does anybody else have any ideas or solutions?


Also - thanks to whoever originally made the code that I've based this all on.


import requests
import time

token='token goes here'

def migrateContents(old_course, new_course):
    payload={'migration_type':'course_copy_importer','settings[source_course_id]': str(old_course), 'date_shift_options[remove_dates]': 'True'}
    r ='https://your'+ str(new_course)+ '/content_migrations/', params=payload, headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token})
    data = r.json()
    print data
    progress_url = data[u'progress_url']
    print "Migration URL is: " + str(progress_url)

    progress = 0
    while progress != 100:
        progress_check = requests.get(progress_url, headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token})
        progress_result = progress_check.json()
        print "Migration Status is: " + str(data[u'workflow_state']) + ", | progress: " + str(progress_result[u'completion']) + "%"
        #print progress_result
        progress = progress_result[u'completion']


        if progress_result[u'completion'] == 100:
                print "------------------------------"
                print "Migration completed."

def copyContents(old_course, new_course):
    payload={'source_course':str(old_course),'except[]': 'calendar_events'}
    r ='https://your'+ str(new_course)+ '/course_copy/', params=payload, headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token})
    data = r.json()
    print data

#comment out the def you don't want to call before running!