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Describe Your Department (Online Learning/Dist Ed/FacDev)

Discussion created by Larry Turner on Apr 30, 2018
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I'm very curious - what does your department look like? Especially in regards to the number of faculty and student population. Below I will outline my departments since I started in 2000.


My 1st job - Dean of Academic Tech & Fac Dev, me (Support Manager), 1 programmer, and 4 student workers.

= 7 employees to 200 faculty and 2500 students


My 2nd job - Me (Director of Distance Learning/Title III), Secretary.

= 2 employees to 30 faculty and 150 students


My 3rd job - Me (Director of Distance Learning Technologies) & eventually 2 work study students

= 3 employees to 60 faculty and 800 students


My 4th job - Me (Director for the Center of Teaching and Learning) - 

= 1 employee to 80 faculty and 2000 students


I'm not looking for anyone's CV pressure to go into lots of detail, but if you'd like to participate, give as much info as you'd like, and perhaps any interesting statistics surrounding the Online Learning/Distance Education/Faculty Training.