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Sub-account level role for accreditation visitors

Discussion created by Sara Hagen on Aug 7, 2018
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We're interested in creating a sub-account-level role (or is it an account-level role with people assigned to department sub-accounts?) for a visiting accreditation team. 


Below is the list of permissions that make sense to me at first glance. This is probably more expansive than needed. I think the 4 starred items might be all that is needed. A few questions:

  • Does that work how I've described it?
  • I've read about there being underlying permissions of a particular role, such that when a new role is created based on that role it still has those underlying permissions. Is there a list of those somewhere? Do any of them present a risk if used by a visiting accreditation team? (The team is covered under FERPA, so that's not an issue.)
  • Am I missing any critical permissions in the list below?


Thanks for any insight!


Admin Account Permissions

Statistics - view

*Courses - view list


Course & Account Permissions

*Submissions - View and make comments

Analytics - view pages

Question banks - view and link

Announcements - view

*Course content - view

*Discussions - view

Quizzes - view submission log

Courses - view usage reports