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How to programatically restrict blueprint items?

Question asked by Braden Brown on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by John Boekenoogen

I have about a hundred blueprint courses where I want to restrict specific items in the course. There is this API call to set restrictions on a blueprint course object. However I can't find the content_id for the item I want to restrict. There is a Show module item call which in theory returns a ModuleItem with its content_id. However when I use the Show module item call (with include[]=content_details) it only return information such as the following.


"id": 5616,
"title": "My Title",
"position": 2,
"indent": 1,
"type": "Page",
"module_id": 1524,
"html_url": "",
"page_url": "my-title",
"url": "https:/",
"published": false

"content_details": {
"locked_for_user": false


I have been able to manually go to the course and inspect the element I want to restrict and grab that content_id and the call works, but that defeats the whole purpose.  Am I missing something or is there something wrong with the API?