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Cheating during Canvas Quizzes

Question asked by Sheere Zupan on Feb 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by Marianna Pinter

I find it very frustrating that the Canvas quiz log seems to be inconsistent. 


I am hoping to get some feedback on several quiz logs (attached). These are from three separate exams given on different days. All logs are created by the same student. This is a proctored exam taken while I am in the room 

I walk around the room and answer questions. Needless to say, I cannot watch one student throughout the entire exam. 

Students are given clear rules regarding leaving the screen while taking an exam in Canvas.

I think it is important to mention that 31 out of 34 students did not have one record indicating "stopped viewing the Canvas quiz." 


I understand that after 30 seconds of inactivity,  the log marks as stopped viewing the Canvas quiz and after 15 seconds if viewing another page in Canvas or outside of Canvas.

However, the attached sample of exam logs indicate "stopped viewing the Canvas quiz..." in much less time than the

15-second rule.   


The attached logs were created by the same student. The suspicious activity and numbers of "stopped viewing the Canvas quiz," are excessive and cannot be ignored. 


Any insight or suggestions are welcome.