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Revising an API Call

Question asked by Tom Alway on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by Tom Alway

I am attempting to revise an API call that resides in a PowerShell script and am looking for some direction/advice (full disclosure, I have inherited someone else's program).  We have a course called New Student Orientation that students must complete prior signing up for classes.  Once they complete the NSO, a PowerShell script looks at the NSO and looks for an assignment to be completed.  If the assignment is complete, then the script removes a hold in the SIS.  The PowerShell script is using an API to look at Canvas and seeing who completed the assignment.  The line of code is this:  $url = "https://" + $domain + "/api/v1/courses/[course number]/assignments/[assignment number]/submissions?page2&per_page=100".  The course number and assignment number is removed for security purposes. 


We are in the process of revising the course and eliminating the assignment and the submission and replacing it with a quiz.  I am assuming that by using a similar API call that I can determine if a student has completed the quiz.  However, can someone please provide some insight as to what the language might be for the code?  I am not looking at a particular student but all students who have completed the quiz.


Thank you.