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Student Use of Canvas

Discussion created by Rob Gibson on Nov 11, 2015
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We just completed our annual student (and faculty) tech survey. We do it each year, then look at trend analysis. It's based on the EDUCAUSE (ECAR) research instrument. It's pretty comprehensive. (The results are 85 pages.) n= 1,100. As it relates to Canvas we ask several questions. A couple follow:


94% of students now own a Smartphone. iOS dominates on our campus. Regarding HOW students use their phone or mobile device: 73% use them to check Canvas (including grades) – the highest response option. Even higher than the library, registering for classes, etc. (Very or Extremely Important.) Nothing else really comes close. Also, ("Which technology do you wish your faculty used more…"): #1 was Canvas. #2 is lecture capture. #3 is collaboration tools (Zoom, etc.).


I think it's safe to say that we need to start designing courses with mobile being the target device.