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What is an Unconference?

Blog Post created by Kona Jones Champion on Apr 20, 2018

As the definition above (from Google) implies, an unconference is an informal participant-driven meetup where those who attend decide on the topics and agenda. Participants are the ones who facilitate the discussions – so no pre-planned presentations, just on the fly conversations and collaborations about what people are interested in talking about.


So how does an unconference normally work?


At the beginning of the event attendees propose topics they’d like to talk about during the event. These topics are written on post-it notes and organized into themes. [Example – Best way to use Discussions in Canvas? or How is your school going to roll out the new Quizzes LTI?] Sometimes people advocate for their topic, explaining what they want to talk about or what they are interested in sharing/learning. People then vote – often using dotmocracy – to decide which topics will get discussed during the unconference.


Once topics are decided on, a general agenda for the day is laid out showing which topics are being discussed during a given time period. While the person who originally suggested the idea is normally the person who starts the conversation and facilitates, the goal of the unconference is that these are engaging and collaborative sessions where everyone has a chance to share their knowledge and expertise. The general feel for most unconferences is fun and positive. It’s ok to disagree, but be respectful! In addition, if anyone finds themselves in a session that isn’t working for them – for whatever reason – there is the “Law of Two Feet” that states people are responsible for using their two feet to move to a different group that’s more beneficial to them.


The whole goal of an unconference is to find the people or conversations that are most meaningful and valuable to YOU!


Interested in attending an Unconference? Canvas is hosting a free unconference during InstructureCon 2018!

Share your secrets in Keystone at EdCamp the Friday after the conference concludes! EdCamp is a type of “unconference” event, where attendees drive the day’s agenda and learning experiences! You bring the topics that interest you (no need to be an expert). We’ll offer the tools needed to support sharing and authentic conversations. We’ll throw in a keynote to jumpstart the day (gotta show up to see who it is), and there may even be some exclusive swag! Breakfast (and, of course, coffee) will be provided.

Need more reasons to attend? Check out the following blog - Why should YOU attend the InstructureCon 2018 Unconference? 


Convinced and ready to register? Here are the details you need!


InstructureCon 2018 Unconference

Friday, July 27th, 2018


Conference Center

Cost: Free

Register: https://events.bizzabo.com/InstCarn2018


Hope to see you there!!