29. My Video Gallery

Community Champion

I was really happy to learn that I can embed the InstructureCon videos in Canvas Pages (details about that), and so what I did was to create a Canvas Page at my InstCon site for each video I had mentioned in a blog post here: My Embedded Video Gallery. Then, I went through my blog posts here and put a link to the Video Page at the top of each post. So, now it is all linked: the pages at my InstCon site link to the blog posts, and the blog posts link to the Video Pages. Yay!

People had told me that it would be about a month or so before the video were available, which is how I embarked on this "30 Days of InstructureCon" blog post series, as a way to tide me over until the videos came out. Now the videos are out, and I have everything all embedded and linked up. 🙂

And thanks again to the Instructure crew who did such a fantastic job of editing these videos. The way that we can see both the presenters and the slides makes the videos incredibly valuable, and I hope every one of the videos will find a large viewing audience!

Here's the list of presentations that I have written about in my blog posts here at the Community:

Broward County video plus blog post
Engineering Leadership video plus blog post
Jared Stein video plus blog post
Josh Coates video plus blog post
Kona Jones video plus blog post
Linda Jean Lee video plus blog post
Matthew Jennings video plus blog post
Michelle Pacansky-Brock video plus blog post
Mollye Russell video plus blog post
Sean Nufer video plus blog post

screenshot of Kona Jones video embedded