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Blog Post created by Matthew Jennings on Jun 18, 2018

Come one, come all. Step right up and see how the we have begun to implemented iRATs and tRATS into a fully  course.


Working to apply Team Based Learning principles to an  course have proven to be a Herculean feat of  strength & determination. The start of this session traces back to a community post back in September 2017 (So You Want to Have Team Based Learning Quizzes). Come learn how we learned from our initial attempts and where we want to go in the future.


UPDATE 7/18/18: I hope to make this session a bit interactive polling, so if you plan to attend (& I hope you do) and can, please have a QR code reader or cell phone for texting with you. Hopefully we don't bring down the WiFi. 


Resources used in the presentation will be added after the session.


LOCATION: Castle Peak 3 &4

DATE: Wednesday, July 25th

TIME: 4:20-5:00 PM


Presentation Slides



Session Video

Oh, RATS! - Matthew Jennings 


Resources from the Presentation

Team-Based Learning Collaborative -

GoToMeeting (Virtual Meeting Platform) –

CATME (Peer Review Software) -

Poll Everywhere -

Grab the big shoes and pile into the car - 


Also congratulations to Lisha and Laura Gibbs on winning the #canvasstrong t-shirts in my session!!