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10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 7. Twitter Photos

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 17, 2018

Since Kathleen Chambers asked about #InstCon photos, I wanted to chime in about that too! Here's Kathleen's question asked-and-answered about uploading photos here to the Community:

Where can we post photos during (and a few before) the event for the community? 


And here's the space ready and waiting for InstCon18 pictures and also videos:

InstructureCon 2018: Photos and Videos 


What I wanted to add was that you can use the Twitter integration with your phone's camera to tweet photos, adding the #InstCon hashtag along with text (plus alt-text for the image). Here's what it looks like on my Android phone when I click on Twitter as the option for sharing a photo:


screenshot of Laura in beanie: Twitter interface for Android phone


So, take pictures, and tweet them out with that #InstCon hashtag. Twitter can be a nice way to share pictures both during the conference, and also to collect and curate them afterwards! And the same goes for video too, although I'm guessing the wifi might not be up for video uploads in real time...


About alt-text: Twitter has a nice interface for adding alt-text to images ("add description"), but it's not on by default; you can follow these instructions to have alt-text description available for any photo you tweet:

How to make images accessible for people 

Long story short, you turn it on in the Accessibility options in your own profile settings:


Twitter accessibility settings: turn on image descriptions



And ICYMI here are my Twitter 10 leading up to today:


1 #InstCon and the InstructureCon App

2 Twitter and the Panda Drone

3 #InstCon in your Twitter profile

4 #StepsforBeth

5 #SoloPandas

6 Wakelet


The big day is getting closer! :-)