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Periodically functionality will be added, changed, or removed in Canvas. Announcements are made in Release Notes on an ongoing basis. Other changes may not be directly related to Canvas, such as browser updates, which are not associated with Canvas releases. 


This document outlines the summary of all upcoming changes that may affect Canvas customers.


Change Definitions

  • Deprecated: The software element or feature has been replaced by newer functionality and should be avoided, as deprecation precedes its complete removal on the specified date. Additionally, support for the element or feature is no longer provided.
  • End of Life: The previously deprecated software element or feature is no longer available and will be completely removed. 
  • Preview Announcement: A feature option in Canvas is identified with an upcoming enforcement date, which is when the feature will be enabled in all Canvas accounts and will no longer be optional. Canvas admins can use the preview time period appropriately to roll out the feature to their institutions.
  • Enforced: A previously announced preview feature (feature option) or other feature change is required for use by all Canvas accounts.


Archived announcements can be referenced in Upcoming Canvas Changes [Archive] 

Deprecations/end of life announcements related to Canvas Platform Services (APIs, GraphQL, Canvas Data) are located in Canvas Platform Breaking Changes 

Document Change Log



Change TypeChangeDescriptionEffective DateResource
Deprecation                                               Course and User Analytics                           

The existing Course and User Analytics links and pages are deprecated; institutions should use the New Course and User Analytics LTI.

End of Life:


User Group: New Analytics                        
Deprecation                                               Rich Content Editor                          

The existing Rich Content Editor is deprecated; institutions should use the New Rich Content Editor.

End of Life:


User Group: Assignment Workflow Improvements         



Change TypeChangeDescriptionEffective DateResource
Preview Announcement                                                                        New Quizzes                                                           

New Quizzes will be enforced for all paid accounts on the indicated enforcement date. However, customers can continue to use Classic Quizzes in conjunction with New Quizzes.


Institutions who do not yet have New Quizzes added to their account can contact their Customer Success Manager to enable New Quizzes for testing.


Preview availability for Free-for-Teacher accounts is pending; this document will be updated when a date is determined.



December 2020 Canvas Feature Enforcements



Change TypeChangeDescriptionEffective DateResource
{Ready Release} +
Monthly Release Preview Announcements                                  
Multiple Features                                                           

Beginning 2020-03-28, various features will be introduced in Ready Releases, which are in addition to regular Canvas releases. Unless otherwise indicated, these feature options will be opt-in (when available) until July 2020.


In addition, features in regular monthly releases (beginning 2020-04-18) will also be opt-in until July 2020 as indicated.



Ready Release Features page                         



Change TypePrevious Announcement DateChangeDescriptionResource

{Ready Release} + Monthly Release Enforcements

2020-03-23                                                           Multiple Features                                                         

Indicated feature options introduced in monthly Canvas Releases or in Canvas Ready Releases will be enforced for all accounts:

  • Allow Blueprint Publishing After Association
  • Assignment Allowed Attempts
  • Assignment Bulk Editing
  • Direct Share
  • Mute Notifications by Course
  • Help for Unpublished Courses
  • Module File Upload Enhancements
  • Responsive Options
  • Rubrics in Course Navigation

July 2020 Canvas Feature Enforcements

Deprecation/End of Life

N/A                                                           Alexa Canvas Skill                                                        

The Alexa Canvas Skill is deprecated and will be removed from the Amazon store.




Change TypePrevious Announcement DateChangeDescriptionResource
End of Life                                                     2019-10-19                                                    Course and User Analytics                                                                                    

The existing Course and User Analytics links and pages will be removed from the Canvas interface and replaced by the New Course and User Analytics LTI.                             

December 2020 Canvas Feature Enforcements
End of Life                                                     2019-10-19                                                    Rich Content Editor                                           

The existing Rich Content Editor will be removed from Canvas and replaced by the New Rich Content Editor.                          

December 2020 Canvas Feature Enforcements



Change TypePrevious Announcement DateChangeDescriptionResource
Enforcement                                2020-03-23 New Quizzes                                                                                              

New Quizzes will be enforced for all accounts. However, customers can continue to use Classic Quizzes in conjunction with New Quizzes.         

User Group: New Quizzes



Document Change Log




Based on current educational challenges from COVID-19, the December 2020 enforcement date for New Quizzes is postponed. 

Removed New Quizzes Enforcement from 2020-12-19

Added 2021-07-17 - New Quizzes Enforcement

Removed 2021 February, 2022 July, 2026 July New Quizzes entries; revised dates will be posted when available.


Added 2020-07-18 Alexa Integration End of Life


Added list of enforced features to 2020-07-18; updated associated July resource document


Changed December 2020 date to 2020-12-19

Moved 2020-07-18 Course and user Analytics and Rich Content Editor entries to 2020-12-19

Archived 2020-04-08 - SMS Notifications Deprecation

Archived 2020-05-02 - SMS Notifications End of Life


Added 2020-04-08 - SMS Notifications Deprecation

Added 2020-05-02 - SMS Notifications End of Life


Added 2020-03-28 {Ready Release} + Monthly Releases Preview disclaimer

Added 2020-07-16 {Ready Release} + Monthly Releases Enforcements entry


Added 2020-03-23 - New Quizzes preview

Added 2020 December - New Quizzes enforcement

Added 2021 February - Classic Quizzes deprecation

Added 2022 July - Classic Quizzes end of life (Interface)

Added 2026 July - Classic Quizzes end of life (API)


Changed End of Life date for Rich Content Editor to 2020-07-18


Archived deprecation entry from 2019-12-21 and entry from 2020-02-18

In 2019-10-19, changed analytics End of Life date to 2020-07-18

Changed 2020-03-21 date heading for Course and User Analytics to 2020-07-18


Archived entries for 2019-05-11, 2019-08-26, Multiple Feature Options entry from 2019-09-21, 2019-11-16, 2020-01-18

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