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What is New Analytics?

What is New Analytics?

New Analytics is an LTI tool installed at the account level and can be made visible in all courses.

Data is refreshed in New Analytics every 24 hours. Only active and completed student enrollments are included in data for New Analytics. Deleted or inactive user enrollments will not generate data.

Users participating in New Analytics can provide feedback in the New Analytics User Group about future analytics feature development. This tool will replace the current analytics feature at the course and user levels in a future release.

New Analytics Performance

New Analytics performance is measured using a course weight, which is the number of students in a course multiplied by the number of assignments. The majority of Canvas courses carry a course weight of less than 50,000 (students x assignments). Any courses with a higher course weight are not currently supported.

New Analytics Access

New Analytics can be accessed from Course Navigation [1]. By default, this link is hidden in Course Navigation in each course and must be enabled.

To enable New Analytics, open Course Settings and view the Navigation tab. Move the New Analytics link to the enabled section and save the page.

You can also access New Analytics from the New Analytics button in the Course Home Page [2].

Note: Admins can remove the New Analytics LTI from Account Settings. If the New Analytics link is not available in the Navigation tab for a course, New Analytics is not available for the entire institution.

When Would I Use New Analytics?

Currently, New Analytics allows instructors to track average course grades for student submissions using an interactive chart graph or table. Data is for viewing only and cannot directly be changed.

Page views and participation metrics include an aggregate across all devices, including Canvas mobile apps.

Use New Analytics to:


I found the old "analytics" to be useful.

"New Analytics" seems to be about class averages, which does not interest me.

What is worse, this semester, and last, when I go into "New Analytics", is blank, empty, no content.

Canvas is mostly very good. But the New Analytics has me wondering: "What were you thinking?"

@griggsda thanks for the feedback. Since New Analytics is still a pretty new feature in Canvas we're actively gathering feedback in the New Analytics User Group. You can share your feedback in that group so our product managers can see and review it. As far as seeing empty content, it could be because there isn't enough data yet to produce any data points, but if it persists past this weekend, I recommend reaching out to Canvas Support ( ) to troubleshoot why it's blank.


- Nathan

It is odd that to utilize CANVAS, one is assured that it is "entirely intuitive" - that to use CANVAS efficiently and effectively one need only view a 60 minute video 2-3x.  This is false and absurd. 

For any serious course of any intellectual depth, a lot more is needed.  CANVAS and its use in the classroom may be entirely effective in kindergarten, grade school, and maybe middle school, but to invest 15-20 hours to decipher the mental process of a software engineer who claims that everything is implicitly intuitive is absurd.

This program is unfortunate and the way that it is offered, marketed, and sold is intellectually insulting.

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