SIS Upload: Map & Display institutionally defined fields on the user profile and class roster (such as pronouns, class year, etc.)

Idea created by Cheryl Handsaker on Feb 9, 2018
    Open for Voting

    We would like the ability to populate a handful of custom fields via the SIS upload process and have these fields be displayed on the user profile and class roster. Specifically, the requests that we have received are to display class year and personal pronouns for each user.


    I suggest that institutions have up to five custom fields in the SIS Upload mapping where we could pass arbitrary values and a configuration page in the admin interface of Canvas where we could assign a label for each institutionally defined field or allow for the ability to pass a label/ value pair. These custom fields would be displayed on the user profile and, optionally, the class roster, with the defined label and the value from the feed. The ability to define a label independently from the value would allow each Canvas school to display the fields important to that institution, and with a label that makes sense in the local environment. 


    There is an existing request for pronouns specifically here: and it is on the Instructure radar. This would be a great start! However, a more general implementation would allow institutions to customize labels and display additional custom information, such as the student class year.