Gradebook Export by Grading Period

Idea created by Barbara Reklis on Feb 27, 2018
    • Rob Ditto
    • Melissa Chriswisser
    • Mr. Casey Bingham
    • Sefina Lucki
    • Barbara Reklis
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    When exporting grades in the new gradebook, the entire course (all grading periods) are exported.  Because of this, the "current grade" and "final grade" columns from the CSV file do not match the "total grade" column from the Canvas gradebook.  Instead, the CSV is combining all grading periods together for a full calculation.  This functionality was available with the old gradebook, but got lost in the new gradebook.  This is essential!! Please, please allow teachers to export their gradebooks by grading period.




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    For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-04-21) .