See Detailed List of Course Imports for All Content and Selected Migration Content

Idea created by Employee on Apr 14, 2015
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    When importing course content, it would be great to see the detailed list of:


    • What items were imported if the user used the option "Select Migration Content"
    • Who Initiated the import
    • Whether it was the entire course or parts of a course (Select Migration Content)
    • Display if the item is a duplicate when imported into the course
    • Create a way to un-import what was imported (just in case users mess up)
    • It would also be nice to add a warning screen if the item is a duplicate
    • Teacher/Admin notification when import has completed/failed


    Since on some courses there are multiple imports it is difficult to determine what items were imported into the course. This would be nice for users to see who is importing content in their course, and what items were imported as well. It would be great to see if individual items were imported successfully. This would assist Admins, Teachers, Course Designers and anyone with access to the course settings.




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    July 2015 update from Cosme Salazar

    Thank you for the feedback. I agree it will be great to add some clarity to who initiated imports and specifically what content was migrated. I will include this project when we do our next round of prioritization.


    Building a way to undo an import after it has been executed or checking for duplicates during the import process would be a larger project that we will not be able to address as quickly given our other priorities.

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