Register for Multiple Enrollments in Canvas Catalog

Idea created by Champion on Jun 8, 2018
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    Hi everyone,

    We have had multiple requests for this feature by multiple departments on campus. We would like a way to have a single point of contact at an organization/department that can register for all enrollments in Canvas Catalog rather than each individual having to go in and go through the registration process (self-registration). *This feature would either be for organizations/departments that are paying for all their individuals to participate instead of having to conduct multiple transactions in the payment gateway or for subcatalog administrators.


    This can be accomplished by:


    • Bulk uploading registrants into Canvas Catalog through a CSV file
    • When a person registers for a course they will be asked whether or not they want to enroll in more than one course or enroll another individual
    • Having Canvas Catalog and the payment gateway recognize a billing number or account number for the department and ask this information upon enrollment


    Current negative impact:


    Having each individual go into Canvas Catalog and register creates more opportunities for errors. We could potentially need to walk each individual through the process if they are not tech savvy.


    Positive Outcome:


    If we have a single contact who can register all individuals, then we only need to train one person on how to do it correctly. Even better, a department/organization office could just ask for a registration list of expected enrollments and they could register all of the individuals and we would not have to train anyone outside the organization/department at all.