Remove the Dashes from the Score Box in Quizzes and Exams

Idea created by Beth Young on Apr 17, 2015
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    Currently, the score box for an ungraded question is pre-filled with two dashes: --


    Those dashes must be selected and deleted before a score can be entered, which takes extra time/clicks. Sometimes I accidentally leave a dash behind and the student gets a negative score rather than a positive score. You can imagine how well that is received.


    Could we just have a blank score box? Or, if the dashes can't be eliminated, please replace them with a character that can't be misread as a minus sign. An asterisk, perhaps? For unanswered questions, pre-filling the box with a 0 would also save time.



      Comments from Instructure...


    Greetings all!  We often remind the Community that even archived ideas can become a real feature, and this one is proof of that!

    This feature is complete.  You can find more information in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-09-19)


    Manual Quiz Question Grading

    In a manually graded quiz question, instructors no longer have to remove the dashes in the point field. Once an instructor starts typing a score, the dashes are removed automatically. However, if no value is entered and dashes are still present, the question is still considered ungraded.