All or No Points on Multiple Answer Questions

Idea created by Matthew Jennings on Apr 17, 2015
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    Currently multiple answer questions give a partial score if students do not choose all the correct answers. Please add a feature that allows faculty to set multiple answer questions to give an all or nothing score if the student does not choose all of the correct answers. Many professional certification exams require this type of scoring and currently our faculty are having to hand grade these questions.





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    Comment from Christi at Canvas on May 14 in the comments below:

    Hey there! I totally understand the need for this feature. My mother is a nurse and I know how important (and stressful) the testing and certification process is for Nursing. I can also see this feature is a good one that wouldn't only be used by Nursing schools. This is a great idea and we will attempt to include it in our upcoming refactor of Quizzes, but it's not a feature we can add immediately. The refactor will allow us to add features like this and make it easier for us to fix and change things. So... the next logical question? When will this refactor be done? Great Question! I can tell you that it is scheduled to start this summer, but predicting it's completion date isn't something we can do just yet. Stay tuned. Once we dive into the project, we'll know more and will have more flexibility to respond to quiz requests.