Download Assignment Comments and Completed Rubrics

Idea created by Matthew Weathers on Apr 20, 2015
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    It would be nice to have an option to download everything related to a completed, graded assignment in one PDF: the annotated PDF of the submission, the "assignment comments" discussion, and the completed rubric with values.


    Currently, within crocodo, we can "Download annotated PDF (includes comments)" and that's really helpful, but we have no way of downloading a record of the Assignment Comments and we have no way to download the rubric. (We've resorted to taking individual screen shots.)


    This is important for accreditation - we need an archive of everything related to an assignment. Students need this for their e-portfolios, too.


    This is related to a request in the old pre-2015 Zendesk request: which requested just that Assignment Comments be included. I would like to add Rubrics, too.


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    July 22 comment from Jason Sparks


    I agree for a need to incorporate more functionality into rubrics and the availability of rubrics data.  My colleague (Mccall Smith) and I are starting to research how we can better accomplish all of these things.  We will look into improved handling of rubrics, improved assignment evaluation for the purposes of assessment, and many other enhancements for rubrics outcomes and gradable content in general. (Think big.) There is a lot for us to consider, and this is something we are looking toward doing.  Keep the ideas coming... there is a lot we want to do.