Form-based assignments (e.g. worksheets or guided reflections)

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    Originally submitted March 30th


    "We would love to see Canvas implement form-based assessments. For example, we want students to complete a reflection on a field experience. We need to gather basic info like the location (chosen from a menu), date, and supervisor, and then students need to answer three open-ended questions and a matrix of Likert-like scale questions.

    I've tried building this in the quiz tool, and am not satisfied with the results.
    1) Doing this as a quiz is very messy and takes a dozen screens. Ideally, all this could fit on one or two screens.
    2) This needs to be graded as a whole using a rubric. Doing it as a quiz attempts to assign points for each item on the screen - and most of the items don't have one right answer ("Name of rotation location" "Date of experience").
    3) Ideally, we'd like to be able to mine the resulting data - for example, "How many students attended a rotation at X location?"

    In addition to these reflections, we would use this tool for "worksheet-style" homework, self-assessments, case analyses, etc. - anything where the student gets one grade for answering a number of specific questions.

    Emily Springfield
    University of Michigan School of Dentistry"


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    November 2015 update from Jason Sparks


    Thank you, Emily Springfield , for sharing!  I can see a variety of variable fields as a need for this new content type. This particular content type takes some careful thought on how to best implement... from fields and variables to a form design tool/process. It's possible we could look at a partner for this type of solution; however, there are certainly more plusses to a solution that is more native.  We need to investigate this further.  I am not certain we can implement this in the next six months.  We may archive this idea for now; however, we will look at this further.


    Kind regards,


    August 5 Update from Jason Sparks

    This is a very interesting idea and one worth exploring. I used to teach in a program with a clinical component; I understand the need here and its other applications across academic programs.  A Canvas Quiz, a Google Form, or a Survey tool (of some sort...) would help resolve this issue. Have you all looked into tools available through the Edu Apps portal? If you find something here that would work, please share in this thread.  I would LOVE to know what may be used.


    Another solution would be to build a new gradable content item like a customizable form.  I can see this as a need. I am curious what features you would like to see included if we took-on a project such as this in the future.  Please continue to share your thoughts.


    As always, please let me know how I can continue to help.