Allow marks deductions for late work to be calculated based on points possible or points awarded.

Idea created by Mai Thanh Tâm Nguyễn on Dec 2, 2018
    Open for Voting
    With the assessment late policy feature, Gradebook 2.0 removes the burden which our lecturers have to deduct the mark for late submission manually. The late submissions are identified automatically (with calculations of late hours/ days) and marks are deducted accordingly.
    However, we found that the current Canvas Gradebook 2.0 late policy setting does not meet our institution policy.Canvas calculates the penalty point based on the full mark/ point possible of the assignment (Link to Gradebook 2.0 late policy) while our institution decides the penalty point are based on the awarded mark/ the mark given for each student.
    An example of how our institution calculates penalty mark:
    Case Note's weight is 20% of the total marks (= 20 marks point possible)
    John is late for 2 days (10% per day)
    John is awarded/given 15 marks.
    => Penalty = 20% of 15 marks (awarded mark), not of 20 marks (weight/ point possible of the assignment).
    Suggestion: Add a switch so penalties can be calculated per institutional requirements (i.e., based on marks awarded or marks possible). The switch should be set/lockable at the account/subaccount level.