Option to Remove "This Entry Has Been Deleted" in Discussions

Idea created by Susan Nugent Expert on Apr 22, 2015
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    Originally posted Ren Whitaker in the old community. The idea was:

    When an instructor deletes a student post, the following text appears on screen as an artifact - permanently: "This entry has been deleted".

    We have been testing our Canvas course over the past couple of months, and then deleting the test discussion entries as we go to clean up the site. As a result, we have now racked up DOZENS of these messages within the Discussion Board. It looks ridiculous!


    I understand that the message has value initially, but I think we should have the ability to remove it. All we need is a simple delete option.

    Thank you.

    -Ren Whitaker

    It would be nice if this information could be moved to a history page similar to what pages have. Students don't need to see this and the history page would allows instructors to view how many times the student deleted messages in the discussion. Currently if an instructor does testing in a course they have no way to remove all these entries. As Ren stated this clutters up the discussion and looks ridiculous.


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