Delete/Swap Out Header Image, Logo Image, and Favicon Image for Catalogs

Idea created by Champion on Mar 27, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Hi everyone,


    We would like the ability to have a button to delete or swap out by providing an option to upload a new image for each of the following categories: header image, logo image, and favicon image within at Canvas Catalog sub-catalog or root catalog.


    Currently, this ability does not exist. Your only option is to re-upload an image if you accidentally added an image previously.


    For example, here is a subcatalog with a blank slate and notice there is only a save button:



    However, let's say I upload an image but I realize after the fact I did not want to choose this image, there is no way to replace or delete the image. You just need to find another image to replace it:



    This will be very helpful when designing new sub-catalog for our customers.